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Family Lawyers in Orange County Providing Personalized Counsel & Representation 

For many people, divorce and family law disputes can be extremely tough to deal with. Filing documents, going to court, answering the judge, and all other legal concerns can be overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with legal procedures. To ensure your family law dispute is handled correctly, work with the experienced family lawyers in Orange County at Lopez Scca. 


We ensure our clients are always prepared - be it negotiations with their spouses or facing them at trial. We believe in adopting a compassionate approach to your family law disputes and resolving them amicably. But we also ensure your rights stay protected at all times.


Practice Areas

·        Divorce

·        Legal Separation 

·        Mediation

·        Child Custody 

·        Child Support

·        Spousal Support 

·        Asset Division 

·        Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement 

·        Modification of Orders 

·        Domestic Violence

·        Paternity

·        Discovery & Improper Discovery 

·        Move Away Orders 

·        Limited Scope Representation 

·        Attorney's Fee


Schedule a Free Consultation 

Our family lawyers in Orange County have a proven track record of helping individuals and families through divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, asset division, and more. 


Call (714) 733-7065 or send an email to to schedule a free consultation where our family lawyers in Orange County can discuss your case and provide you with options going forward.


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